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Parental rights

What are your parental rights? Here you can find all of our articles related to parental rights depending on your employment status.

Maternity leave entitlement

Maternity leave

The first thing to clarify is the difference between maternity leave and maternity pay. Many people assume that these two entitlements run side-by-side but this is not the case.

Types of maternity pay

Statutory maternity pay

If you are in employment, or have recently had a job, the chances are you will be entitled to some type of maternity pay. Here we take a look at the various types of maternity pay in more detail – perhaps more importantly, the conditions of eligibility.

How much maternity pay do I get?

Calculating maternity pay

In this article looking at how much paternity pay you can get we will focus on statutory maternity pay while also appreciating there are other payment paths available.

How to claim maternity pay

Claiming maternity pay

Once you have identified the type of maternity pay to which you are entitled, you’ll now need to know how to claim maternity pay. There are various actions you’ll need to take and information you’ll need to provide to claim your full entitlement.

Your rights during maternity leave

Employee on maternity leave

While your employer should be well aware of their legal responsibilities and obligations in relation to maternity pay/leave, you also need to know your rights during maternity leave to help protect your own position.

Pregnancy rights at work

Pregnant employee at work

It’s common knowledge that once your employer is aware you are pregnant, various protections and additional rights will kick in, but what exactly are they? In this article we take a look into what your pregnancy rights at work are.

Maternity leave is ending what are your options?

Maternity leave ending

When it comes to maternity leave ending, it is important to know where you stand, what your options are, and any basic assumptions your employer could reasonably make.

Protecting your maternity rights

Maternity rights dispute

Whether you feel that your employer has misunderstood the regulations, or you have been a victim of maternity discrimination, you need to be fully aware of your maternity rights and obligations before approaching your employer.

Parental rights at work

Parental rights at work

Many people will be surprised to learn the depth of parental rights at work. We tend to look at each individual set of rights in isolation but, when you take a step back and look from afar, there are probably a lot more than you think.

Parental bereavement leave

Parental bereavement leave

The death of a child is an extremely traumatic event for anybody. Thankfully, there are various regulations with regards to parental bereavement leave which need to be respected by your employer.

Parental bereavement pay

Parental bereavement pay

If you find yourself in the position of requiring parental bereavement pay the terms and conditions regarding eligibility and level of pay are relatively straightforward.