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Flexible working

What are your employment rights regarding flexible hours? Here you can find our articles all related to your flexible working rights.

Flexible working and your rights

Flexible working

While the term flexible working effectively describes itself, there are numerous different types of flexible working which can significantly alter your working week. Here we look at the rights and obligations of various parties, options available, and what you can do in the event of dispute.

Planning your flexible working application

Planning a flexible working request

Whether looking at the impact on your colleagues, home life, finances or health, it’s important that you plan ahead before applying for flexible working hours. While many people prefer to enter negotiations without considering potential problems, it’s vital to be aware of any possible issues.

Making a flexible working request

Flexible working request

While many people will be aware of the two main types of flexible working request, there are in fact three options. These are statutory requests, non-statutory requests and employer scheme requests.

Preparing to meet your employer

Preparation is the key

In a perfect world, you would put forward your flexible working request and your employer would rubber-stamp this immediately. Job done! Unfortunately, it is very rare that flexible working requests will go through without some kind of discussion with your employer.

Discussing your request with your employer

Flexible working application

In this article we take a look at the actual process of discussing your flexible working request with your employer and whether you can/should be accompanied into your meeting. Many of these relatively simple tips will make a difference.

How to negotiate flexible working hours

Negotiating flexible working hours

The art of negotiation will play an integral role in securing a suitable outcome for your original flexible working hours request. Here we take a look at the issues to consider, expectations and how you can save what may seem like a failing request.

Flexible working request approved by your employer

Flexible working request approved

We are now at the stage where your flexible working request has been approved, and you can now look forward to a different working day. However, pushing through an agreement for your request is not the end of the story; it is just the start of the next stage.

Flexible working request refused by your employer

Flexible working request refused

The majority of flexible working requests refused do not progress to an employment tribunal and negotiation will often result in a compromise. That said, if you believe that your legal rights have been infringed then you can take the issue further.

Further action after flexible working request refused

Flexible working request refused further action

Just because an initial flexible working request has been refused, and subsequent internal appeal rejected, does not necessarily mean this is the end of the road. You can then move on towards an official grievance against your company.

Flexible working request discrimination

Flexible working discrimination

When looking at flexible working requests, and allegations of discrimination, we need to separate the terms of the request from the way in which the request was treated. If there is evidence of discrimination it can open up a whole array of potential legal action.