Right to not to be kept incommunicado

If you are detained in a police station or other premises, you are entitled to have one friend, relative or person who is known to you or likely to take an interest in your welfare notified of your whereabouts as soon as possible and at public expense. The right is subject to the same delay as consultation with a solicitor except that it can be authorised by an officer of the rank of inspector or above. You may exercise this right each time you are transferred to another police station. If the person cannot be contacted, you may try two others and after that the police have discretion as to whether you can try to contact any others.

The police should caution you that what is said in any letter, call or message may be given in evidence, except that the police should not listen to a call or read a letter to a solicitor.

With juveniles, the police have an additional duty to inform the person responsible for their welfare as soon as possible and to request their attendance at the police station. There are no provisions permitting delay.

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