PIN operated or card telephones for the use of prisoners are available in all prisons so that those in prison can maintain closer links with family and friends. PIN phones are used in the more secure prisons and require a prisoner to have all their telephone numbers pre-approved and calls are made by entering a PIN unique to each prisoner. For security reasons all calls will be recorded and all calls may be monitored and recorded, except those to legal advisers, the Samaritans and other reputable organisations.

Use of the telephone may be limited by the governor, but should not be restricted as part of a disciplinary punishment unless the offence was directly related to the misuse of the cardphone or phone card. The Prison Rules do not provide any absolute right to use telephones and in some prisons there are pre-recorded messages informing the recipient of the call that the person calling is in prison. Although these types of restrictions are not prohibited by the Prison Rules, they may, in some circumstances, breach Article 8 of the Convention.
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