Age Discrimination

The Employment Equality (Age) Discrimination Regulations 2006 (the Regulations) came into force on 1 October 2006. They cover anyone who is working under a contract personally to provide work or labour for another person. This will cover an employee and certain contract workers, as well as office holders, police constables and various other categories.

In addition to prohibiting age discrimination in relation to employment, the Regulations also provide protection from discrimination on the grounds of age in relation to:

* membership of a trade organisation;
* applying for a professional or trade qualification or vocational training;
* the provision of services by employment agencies or similar career guidance services;
* access to Government-run facilities enabling you to obtain employment;
* access to further and higher education.

Where you have been involved in any of the above relationships you are protected against discrimination and harassment which arises after the end of the relationship provided it is closely enough associated with the relationship. This will provide protection against discrimination and harassment in relation to references, for example.

Age discrimination takes place in a number of different forms. You can be the subject of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment, discrimination on the basis that you would not carry out a discriminatory instruction and victimisation.

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