An official authorised by the local authority may enter any house in the area at any reasonable time in order to :

  • Make a valuation or survey, where a compulsory purchase order is being considered or has been issued.
  • Examine the premises and make a survey where a notice requiring repairs, a demolition order, a closing order or a clearance order has been issued.
  • Measure the rooms, etc., to determine whether there is or has been overcrowding.
  • Ascertain whether there is or has been a contravention of the Housing Act regulations.
The official must have a written document of authority, specifying the particular purpose for which entry is authorised. The official must also give at least 24 hours’ notice not only to the occupier of the property, but also to the occupier if known. Under the Housing Act 1985, it is an offence to obstruct the official, providing the official is authorised and has given notice . The maximum penalty will depend upon the power which the official is attempting to exercise – it will be either at level 2 (currently £500) or at level 3 (currently £1,000) .

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