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Liberty wins stop and search case

21 January 2010
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 (the broad police power for stop and search without suspicion) violates the right to respect for private life guaranteed by Article 8 of the Convention on Human Rights.

Retaining DNA samples of innocent persons breaches human rights

04 December 2008
The European Court of Human Rights decided that the retention of the DNA profiles of persons arrested for a criminal offence, even where they are not convicted of any offence, breaches their human rights.

Victory for Liberty's Charge or Release campaign

14 October 2008
Liberty's campaign against the Government's plans to extend pre-charge detention ended in emphatic victory, with the Government announcing that it would drop the proposed measure from the counter-terrorism bill.

Case Studies

All public authorities must respect Human Rights

Not all public authorities are as aware of their duties under the HRA as they should be. Liberty received a query that shows that some authorities appear to consider that human rights are nothing to do with them.

Nosy Parkers!

Disabled drivers who have a Blue Badge and want to apply for exemption from the congestion charge were required to allow Transport for London officers into their home to check whether they were entitled to the exemption.

Human Rights in Action

An example of a recent query received by the Advice and Information team.

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